Neu Kombucha started from the love of developing nutritious and helpful drinks. With that creative hand, Jennie started making kombucha at the Cacao Tree Cafe in 2010. Back then, Jennie made kombucha for the Cacao Tree to serve in pre-made cups at this one cafe. She soon fell in love with kombucha and a man. Julius helped boost that drive she needed to start Neu Kombucha. With hard work, teachings from her self-employed father, Doug, and this dedicated family value system, Neu has bloomed into the company it is today. 

Neu states, “the heart of us started in cups but once our ferment was bottled, Neu was born. We started at 50 bottles a week selling kombucha to the Royal Oak, Michigan community. We are currently producing 1000+ bottles per week in our own Farmington facility that we share to a wide range of Metro Detroit neighborhoods. Add to those 1000+ bottles some kombucha vinegar gut shots, kegs, and an additional beverage line, Probiotic Herbal Tea. This growth gives us an amazing feeling!"

Thank you to all that support us!